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Gift cards are a great way to book your adventure (or give one!) without having to pin down an exact date. They are redeemable by anyone you choose (who fits the requirements to skydive), and are valid for any date that we’re open. The perfect thing for you or your loved one to look forward to!

Skydive the Wasatch how to review. It’s obviously, obvious only a poem will do. It was a gift for my family an experience to bond, away from the phones and negative throng. 20’s, 30’s, 50’s, 70’s and 80’s to was our group years that had passed. All wondering if the day might well be our last. We went on Saturday with ten in fold, all had thoughts and fears of striking adrenaline gold. The treasure started with the gal at the desk, I forget her name but she was the best. She took our info and secreted our weight, made us feel sooo welcome as she guarded the gate. Approved by the dogs we assembled the welcoming stare, instantly apparent how much this great group of people do care. While under the ropes of our new friend Leon - Specialistic, Proficient, Qualified, and Adept cover the feelings he helps one get. Paul was the man who gave us great care, Pro, Expert and Skilled is the badge he did wear. Masterly, Masterful, Master of fun, is our title for Matt the crazy one. Schooled in his craft, Accomplished, Ace, Trained, Careful of word was Brandon the brains. Superman we dubbed our ally from the pose he did often display, releasing trapped air from the chutes that kept us safe all the day. To the man who took my 82 year old pops, your care for him was the tops, tops, tops. Special thanks to the man who helped realize my 70+ mother in laws dream. And an apology as well for her piercing scream. Leon I know was the man who gave my best friend my wife flight. Big thanks to you for making my night! To the several involved with the rest of my clan, your love and care did bond us in ways I hope you can understand. I and my family had the best time jumping with the great folks at Skydive the Wasatch in Nephi. My wife and I gift experiences now for the Holidays as our kids are older and we have done several different adrenaline packed things. I must say that this experience was the best and the only one so far that everyone involved has requested a repeat on. I know the reason for this has everything to do with the way we were treated by the staff. It is well apparent that every employee at Skydive the Wasatch love what they do, they are professional in every aspect of the experience. You understand from the moment you arrive that safety is a priority and that fun will be ultimate outcome. If anyone reading this is considering a jump with friends or family I say go for it. It is a magical experience that somehow and in some way I can’t explain bonds a group of people together like nothing you have done before. I wish to personally thank everyone at Skydive the Wasatch. We are all addicted now, it is your fault so you must take the responsibility for that and what you have created. My apologies and fore warning, the circus you experienced Saturday will be back in town and next time we will not be so reserved. Brett Stewart
Brett S. Avatar
Brett S.
An 11/10!! Felt so safe, the staff are all so cool, and had so much fun!! I went with Matthew and he was great and we landed so smooth! I’ll definitely go again, thank you Skydive the Wasatch for the best birthday ever!!
Amanda W. Avatar
Amanda W.
I went skydiving for the first time for my 23rd birthday with my family. It was such an amazing experience, my tandem instructor was awesome and super nice! I’ll definitely be coming back!
Christina Barker Avatar
Christina Barker
I went skydiving for the first time for my 23rd birthday with my family. It was such an amazing experience, my tandem instructor was awesome and super nice! I’ll definitely be coming back!
Christina B. Avatar
Christina B.
My experience at Skydive the Wasatch was top-notch! I was a little nervous to begin with and once I started working with my tandem instructor I felt safe and excited for this adventure. My daughter's persuaded me to join them skydiving to celebrate my youngest daughter's birthday and I am so glad I went along. It was an incredible experience. Definitely recommended. A++
originalblonde Avatar
My experience at Skydive the Wasatch was top-notch! I was a little nervous to begin with and once I started working with my tandem instructor I felt safe and excited for this adventure. My daughter's persuaded me to join them skydiving to celebrate my youngest daughter's birthday and I am so glad I went along. It was an incredible experience. Definitely recommended. A++
Tiffany Jones Avatar
Tiffany Jones
I finally got to meet most of the crew at Skydive The Wasatch this last weekend. My son got his A license there and he jumps every weekend with these guys. We had a group of his friends and family jump for his 20th birthday and it was amazing! They treat him like family and have taught him so much! I’m so thankful that they make sure my boy is safe . He has a love for skydiving now! These guys are the best!
Teresa Avatar
Decided last minute to don this for my birthday and had a blast! It was so fun.
Mariah C. Avatar
Mariah C.
This was the best birthday present I have ever received (and I’ve had lots of birthdays). We are already planning my daughters 18th birthday jump.
Holly C. Avatar
Holly C.
I took my lady for her birthday and she didn't know till we showed up there. Everyone there was super friendly. We both loved our experience. Our instructors made it super exciting. I can't think of my instructors name so I apologize. But he said he had been to Arizona and Cali and Maui. And said utah was his favorite so far. While up in the plane he was also showing us the mountains and everything. So all around a 5 star experience. If this is your first time. I'd definitely recommend this place. You won't be disappointed. Definitely memories that feel surreal. 🤙🤙🤟🤟
dywane K. Avatar
dywane K.
My sister wanted to go skydiving for her birthday and she picked Skydive the Wasatch. And I am so glad she did! We brought my husband and my sister in law along and we all had a really great time. The cost is great, it is close by where we live, and it was beautiful. Not only that but the energy of the people there skydiving with you was so positive and happy. We will actually be going back for another jump!
Emily L. Avatar
Emily L.
What a fantastic experience. My husband and I went for our 10 year anniversary and it did not disappoint! I've had a double knee replacement, and the landing was incredible and I had no pain on impact. They were thorough, enthusiastic, and supportive as my husband was very nervous. Can't wait to go again!
D A. Avatar
D A.
Fabulous experience! My husband and I took our daughter for her 18th birthday. The only thing I would change, is scheduling another jump right after I landed!! All of us felt very safe. The guys that jumped with us were extremely experienced. They explained all that we needed to know very well. They were funny and enjoyable to be around. We will be going back again and again!!!
Amy E. Avatar
Amy E.
Booked a jump for my husbands 40th birthday as a surprise and we both had a wonderful experience. Our original booking date had to be moved because they couldn’t accommodate us but they were wonderful to call and get us rescheduled for another day.It was easily the scariest and funnest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. If I were to give anyone advice on jumping it would be to schedule two jumps back to back so you can really enjoy it your second time time around.Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks so much for a wonderful and unforgettable day and experience!Buy the video and the photos it was probably the best part because your jump goes by so fast the video will help you relive it over and over again. Just Do IT!
Katrina L. Avatar
Katrina L.
What a rad day we had. First, I was super nervous to do this. Second, the staff is legendary. Brenda was the best! Greg made sure we had a chute that opened. Leon and Chris could not have been cooler buddies. Surprised my wife with a jump for her birthday and decided last minute to jump with her. What I’m saying is……do it! This is the go to spot for jumping out of an airplane. (Also, Leon has a mans mustache!)
Andy B. Avatar
Andy B.
I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and getting to tandem dive with these fine gentlemen. Our first bout was blocked by mother nature, round two was the day I was waiting for. They made it fun exciting relaxing and one hell of a special Birthday and father's day gift. I can't thank them enough for their hospitality considering I had to bring my little boy along for the adventure. This was a check off my bucket list and an experience that I will never forget and I absolutely want to do this again! Thanks again!!
Keith R. Avatar
Keith R.
I went with my mom for her birthday. The guys were super nice, explained everything and made us feel super comfortable with going up. I will DEFINITELY be back.
Brandi M. Avatar
Brandi M.
Craziest thing I've ever done. This was mine and my sister's 50th birthday. These people were so awesome to jump with. Very professional and completely interested in our experience. Fun!
Anthony S. Avatar
Anthony S.
Me and 4 other friends went skydiving today for my 18th birthday and it was awesome. These guys are very professional, easy to talk to, and they care about their job a lot! I will definitely come back.
CJ S. Avatar
My son and I did this for his 18th birthday. It was amazing. The entire crew were friendly, professional and entertaining. Thanks for a great jump!
Lori C. Avatar
Lori C.
My wife and I booked our skydive to celebrate our graduation from college. Needless to say Skydive the Wasatch helped us feel extremely welcome, calm, and excited! I'm glad that we chose this group of people for our first skydive experience. Thank you!!
Tyler C. Avatar
Tyler C.
If I could give a 10 star review for the guys at Skydive the Wasatch, I absolutely would!!! We came to jump for my birthday, and as a first-time jumper I thought I had NO nerves, until the door to the plane opened!!! Adam was incredible. Everything from the checking in to landing was top notch, they put me at ease, explained every step-in detail and made sure to throw some jokes in too!! I was confident in my instructor Adam, he made me feel safe and comfortable through the entire process. My Gf had worked with Leon before our arrival to set up a surprise engagement upon landing and it’s a day that will live with me forever! We decided after the experience it would be something we do once a year with the guys at Skydive the Wasatch!!!! Thank you again for making the first time a wonderful experience and for setting up my engagement, can’t wait to come back and jump again!!!
jessie C. Avatar
jessie C.
This place is incredible from the moment you walk through the door!! The staff is super friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable. They put us at ease and made the whole experience a hundred times better than expected. The actual skydive was AMAZING!! The scenery is gorgeous and I could not have asked for a better birthday present!!! The video and pictures came out so good, very professional. Thank you Skydive the Wasatch for such an amazing experience!!
Amber F. Avatar
Amber F.
I got this as a gift 3 months ago. Have been worried/scared/freaked out since. Finally made the appointment and fretted another month. The day came and I had emotions I’ve never felt before.
They are such professionals who really knew what they were doing. I’m still ‘high’ on a very incredible experience.
Thanks to a great staff - a great life changing day - and a great video and pictures to remember/relive it all. This is an awesome company. Dorel Kynaston
Chris R. Avatar
Chris R.
Got this as a birthday present. Best birthday present I’ve ever gotten! The guys that work there couldn’t be nicer. So much fun!!! I recommend everyone able to go, go here!!!!! ♥️
Andrea D. Avatar
Andrea D.
The staff at Skydive The Wasatch were AMAZING! My daughter did her first skydive for her 18th birthday with her uncle and they made the experience so great for her! They are all very fun & friendly. They make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in what you are doing. My daughter never once got nervous....she was pumped the whole time. She loved it and can't wait until the next time she gets to do it. I admit....I was scared of it and thought it was something I would never want to do but after experiencing it with my daughter and seeing how the staff at Skydive The Wasatch made you feel very comfortable I think I am ready to do a skydive and plan to come in the spring with my husband to do it for our first time
Janean C. Avatar
Janean C.
I just jumped today and my lord! what an awesome experience! the guys are amazing and so funny! definitely go here to jump! thank you guys so much for the amazing birthday experience!
Matthew G. Avatar
Matthew G.
I went here just yesterday for my 18th birthday and boy is it gonna be one to remember! My jumper / professional skydiver was Jordan and he is the best! Thanks for making my video awesome and my day great! I'll definitely be back!!
Kyah G. Avatar
Kyah G.
The instructors were awesome! The price was reasonable, the location was perfect! The view of the mountains were amazing! The place had drinks and snacks while you were waiting. My son turned 18 and it was the best birthday gift for him! He had a blast! We had a video made and it was totally worth it! Yes I will go again and again again!
Aaron B. Avatar
Aaron B.
I surprised my husband with our first jump for our 9 year wedding anniversary this August 2014!!! ... And wow were we blown away! Skydive the Wasatch was great with us. They allowed us to have many friends and family there to watch and support our jump, even our 2 adorable little ones. The boys were quick with suiting us and getting my hubby and I in the plane and up in the air. Were very glad we got our photos and video! I suggest you make the call and stop hesitating!! Just take the plunge!!
Marquee S. Avatar
Marquee S.

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    Daniel D.
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    Cindy W.
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