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Joseph W. AvatarJoseph W.
Great place and people to go and experience something truly amazing! So happy I chose here and made the jump! Would recommend to anyone who wants to cross this off the bucket list of thrilling experiences . - 12/01/2022 
Cecilia D. AvatarCecilia D.
Staff is great - 11/03/2022 
Dillan C. AvatarDillan C.
The weather couldn't have been any better and the company couldn't have been any more inviting. Chris did a great job as "the big spoon." I'm so glad I chose to be a skydiver this year for Halloween. My favorite part was jumping out of the plane and free falling. Be sure to prepare for quick altitude changes that will result in unpleasant ear pressure once the parachute deploys. I love my certificate and thank you so much for spelling my name correctly! This was an overall great experience and I'm so glad I did it. - 11/03/2022 
laura s. Avatarlaura s.
I loved it🤩 - 11/03/2022 
Unknown A. AvatarUnknown A.
Amazing experience. Best day of my life. I will be going back. And I’m planning on taking their skydiving school - 11/03/2022 
Julio M. AvatarJulio M.
It was an amazing experience!!!! I really recommended Skydive Utah - 11/03/2022 
J G. AvatarJ G.
Most amazing thing I have ever experienced highly recommend skydive Utah to anyone they are friendly and very informative about your jump - 11/03/2022 
Tiana T. AvatarTiana T.
Ughh! So much fun! Not my first time skydiving, but this place is amazing if you're wanting to skydive near SLC! Shout out to Ryker! - 11/03/2022 
Rachel E. AvatarRachel E.
Really enjoyed the experience. Booking online was simple along with signing the indepth waiver. My tandem flight instructor was a really chill guy who was attentive but not over the top. This is something I have always wanted to do and I am happy this is where I ended up for my first jump. Yall are great! - 11/03/2022 
raul s. Avatarraul s.
Estuvo increíble! Muy muy bueno todo! - 11/03/2022 
Trevor R. AvatarTrevor R.
ALWAYS a great time. I jumped with my 18 year old daughter- we both had so much fun. The videos and pictures were excellent. The instructors did a great job with good explanations and instructions and we landed soft. - 11/03/2022 
Treyson W. AvatarTreyson W.
WOW! This was the best thing I could have ever done! I jumped 10 hours ago and I’m still smiling about it. Brandon was my tandem jumper and he rocked it. He has such a solid energy and is an awesome dude. He made it fun and comfortable for me. With his instructions, I got to control the parachute!!! So cool! 10/10 would recommend Skydive Utah, Brandon and going to jump for your first time! - 11/03/2022 
Sharee S. AvatarSharee S.
2nd time jumping and it was amazing! Taylor made me feel so comfortable and Mitch took great care of my daughter and Fish did an amazing video and photos! Everyone at SkyDive Utah are the best peeps! - 11/03/2022 
Paizley M. AvatarPaizley M.
Absolutely loved my experience! Little bit of a wait to jump but WORTH it! Special thanks to Taylor for making it a great experience ! - 11/03/2022 
Emma K. AvatarEmma K.
Fantastic! Keith my instructor was fantastic! Would go again!! - 11/03/2022 
Matthew R. AvatarMatthew R.
Taylor was truly amazing! Thanks for making my experience with you as incredible as it could be! You’re a great guy and cannot wait to come back! - 11/03/2022 
Kelli B. AvatarKelli B.
This was one of the best experiences I have EVER had! Such a cool group of people at Skydive Utah! Epic! - 11/03/2022 
Braxton B. AvatarBraxton B.
So good, didn’t die - 11/03/2022 
Guido L. AvatarGuido L.
Amazing experience - 11/03/2022 
Josalyn I. AvatarJosalyn I.
Pure EXCELLENCE thank you! - 11/03/2022 
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    Sabrina A.
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    Casey W.
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    Sean P.
    I love this place and it is my refuge away from the stress and weight of life. Leon and his... read more
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    Matthew G.
    I just jumped today and my lord! what an awesome experience! the guys are amazing and so funny! definitely go... read more
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    Lily H.
    BEST EVER! Everyone was so nice and super fun! They made my experience less scary and more exiting! Took us... read more
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    Robert L.
    Can’t get that kind of amazing I’m alive feeling doing anything else. Best staff best kind of people to... read more
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    Connie M.
    My mother-in-law has had a dream of skydiving for years and years. Despite her poor physical health, she was determined.... read more
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    Tiffany M.
    Had a complete blast! Leon and Chris make you feel right at home and make the jump a breeze! This... read more
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    Anthony S.
    Craziest thing I've ever done. This was mine and my sister's 50th birthday. These people were so awesome to jump... read more
  • Pieper H. Avatar
    Pieper H.
    Skydive Wasatch gave me one of the best experiences of my life! I felt super safe and comfortable the entire... read more

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