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Nate R. AvatarNate R.

One of the coolest experiences of my life! The entire process was flawless from start to finish - loved every second!! Buying the video/photo package was completely worth it as well, especially if you’re a first timer and don’t think you’ll do it too often. - 7/05/2021 

Syerra M. AvatarSyerra M.

I went skydiving here a few days ago with a friend. We were both so nervous and had never done anything like it but the team here at Skydive the Wasatch made everything so much easier and really made you feel comfortable and safe! This is a great place to go for a first timer! Highly recommend!! - 6/29/2021 

Lily H. AvatarLily H.

BEST EVER! Everyone was so nice and super fun! They made my experience less scary and more exiting! Took us on a sky tour before we jumped so I got to see some pretty marvelous views! I had a magnificent time and I highly recommend(: - 6/28/2021 

Delmis R. AvatarDelmis R.

So much fun!! Everyone was so nice!! - 6/28/2021 

Craig P. AvatarCraig P.

What a great place to go Skydive. The instructors are fantastic, friendly and just put your mind at ease about the jump.. Fun experience. - 6/28/2021 

Debbie W. AvatarDebbie W.

The staff made you feel like family as soon as you walked into the door. They explained all the safety needed for the jump and answered any questions I had. I ended up having to reschedule my jump due to high winds and they accommodated me for the next day. Best day I have ever had. The staff was super amazing and I would go there again...... - 6/28/2021 

Tyler S. AvatarTyler S.

Had an awesome experience at Skydive Wasatch. I took my dad to jump for the first time for fathers day. He was super nervous at first, but the staff knows how to make us feel like family and made the whole jump process flawless. This was my 1st jump with them, but my 4th total jump. I will definitely return and I'd recommend checking them out! Thank you Skydive Wasatch! - 6/21/2021 

Stephanie F. AvatarStephanie F.

This was the best impulsive decision I have ever made, so glad I went!! It was an absolutely breathtaking experience!! Skydive the Wasatch made my friends& I feel so safe& comfortable. All the guys were really friendly& outgoing. Totally made the experience even more enjoyable! Plus, I'm most definitely going again!! - 6/21/2021 

Darla R. AvatarDarla R.

I had an awesome time the staff made you feel like family, they kept our safety at the upmost priority. Thanks guys for everything. - 6/21/2021 

DeniseRochelle1 AvatarDeniseRochelle1

Fantastic company! If you ever had the thought to do a tandem skydive, this is the place! They make it an easy and enjoyable experience! No big egos, just a great group of guys who provide a safe and fun experience! - 6/21/2021 

Brandi M. AvatarBrandi M.

I went with my mom for her birthday. The guys were super nice, explained everything and made us feel super comfortable with going up. I will DEFINITELY be back. - 6/21/2021 

Kaylee M. AvatarKaylee M.

Skydive the Wasatch is the best! These guys give you great instructions and then the jump is so amazing! Had the best time, we will definitely be coming back! Thanks to my parachutist Leon! You rock!! - 6/21/2021 

Kilee H. AvatarKilee H.

such a great experience! I went with so many fears, and the whole team made me feel so safe! - 6/21/2021 

Britny B. AvatarBritny B.

This was such a great place to experience a fun jump and the crew were super friendly and funny! Really helped make the experience that much more fun. I plan to go again! - 6/14/2021 

Scott L. AvatarScott L.

That was wild. Do yourself a favor and jump - 6/14/2021 

Riley A. AvatarRiley A.

So going into this I was insanely nervous but the Instructor Leon noticed my anxiety and he did a phenomenal job helping me relax enough to get in the plane and jump out of it. Every staff member was friendly, professional and displayed their ability to do their job with skill while being easy going. Thank you Dan, Leon, Chris and everyone else at Skydive the Wasatch. I can honestly say the experience will be unforgettable and I cannot imagine my first jump going any better than it did. That was a spectacularly intense rush of adrenaline and bliss. Leon was perfect Instructor for me and I highly recommend any first time jumpers go to Skydive the Wasatch. - 6/14/2021 

Marie C. AvatarMarie C.

First time sky diving and from start to finish i can't imagine a better experience. Dan walked us through the paper work and our instructors were extremely confident and reassuring. Chris was my skydiving buddy and he was completely professional and fun. I have nothing but good things to say and would recommend anyone to drop out of a plane here. - 6/14/2021 

Mark T. AvatarMark T.

This place is amazing. The staff is very competent and professional. They made me and my daughter feel safe and comfortable the entire time. Nephi was a great spot to jump. It was beautiful. I highly recommend Skydiving the Wasatch if skydiving is on your bucket list. - 6/05/2021 

Ryan S. AvatarRyan S.

If anyone has anything negative about this place they are hating. These guys were kind, friendly, informational , and BAD A$$ ! It was a great time! - 6/02/2021 

Marcia E. AvatarMarcia E.

Fantastic experience for my first time skydiving. Clear instructions, chill atmosphere, and great price. Loved having the opportunity to steer the parachute and do barrel rolls on the way down. 100% would recommend! - 6/01/2021 

  • Shaelie J. Avatar
    Shaelie J.

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    Lenore A.

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  • Elaine B. Avatar
    Elaine B.

    I did it!!!! It was totally wicked! I can't wait to go again!! Adam was my instructor and was the... read more

  • zach W. Avatar
    zach W.

    I absolutely loved jumping with these guys. Absolute professionals and tons of fun. They made my first experience unforgettable. I... read more

  • Lena L. Avatar
    Lena L.

    Skydive the Wasatch offers a phenomenal product and a knowledgeable, fun and accommodating crew!Their experienced staff ensures you are well... read more

  • Nicole Kelsch Avatar
    Nicole Kelsch

    We had a super positive experience with Skydive the Wasatch! Leon was a great instructor who struck the right balance... read more

  • Michelle T. Avatar
    Michelle T.

    They Are the BEST! My first time and I was extremely happy with the professionals, staff and facilities. I will... read more

  • Garrett A. Avatar
    Garrett A.

    Our experience was amazing. The instructors were great and really reassured us with their explanation of the safety features of... read more

  • Cassie M. Avatar
    Cassie M.

    AWESOME dropzone! The owner and staff are professional, yet super fun to be around. The plane ride up... read more

  • Kristin A. Avatar
    Kristin A.

    Leon and the crew took great care of us! They were super fun, professional, and gave us an amazing... read more


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