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Cason R. AvatarCason R.
I made it back safely and couldn’t have had a better time. Nothin bad to say about it! Very exhilarating and a great experience! - 5/17/2023 
Abram H. AvatarAbram H.
It was amazing - 5/10/2023 
K. H. AvatarK. H.
4th Annual Addict II Athlete skydiving event. They always rock! These guys are so good. DEFINATELY jump here. - 5/10/2023 
Alex t. AvatarAlex t.
Decided I wanted to go skydiving Sunday morning and I was able to go the same day. I had an amazing experience, can’t wait to come back! - 5/10/2023 
Andy M. AvatarAndy M.
Super awesome staff. They were friendly and supportive for my friends that were a little more nervous. Talked us through everything thoroughly to make sure we had a fun and safe experience. Will definitely be back with more friends! - 5/03/2023 
Mark A. AvatarMark A.
At 65 and still had a Wonderful experience. Even though I was putting my life in someone else's hands, I must admit your crew was very confident and able. I realized they didn't want to die as much as I didn't and what an experience we all had. I'm going again. - 5/03/2023 
Summer J. AvatarSummer J.
Literally the best time of my life! They were all so nice there and I will definitely be returning! - 5/03/2023 
Teresa AvatarTeresa
I finally got to meet most of the crew at Skydive The Wasatch this last weekend. My son got his A license there and he jumps every weekend with these guys. We had a group of his friends and family jump for his 20th birthday and it was amazing! They treat him like family and have taught him so much! I’m so thankful that they make sure my boy is safe . He has a love for skydiving now! These guys are the best! - 4/25/2023 
tod lyman Avatartod lyman
Me and my girlfriend had a GREAT experience! The staff was friendly and our instructors were AWESOME! They had both been jumping from planes for over a DECADE and made us feel very safe with calm attitudes and clear instruction! We had so much fun and can’t wait to go again! I regretfully forgot our instructors names… please comment back with their names I couldn’t be happier with them. We were the couple with green hair this past Friday. - 4/09/2023 
Joseph W. AvatarJoseph W.
Great place and people to go and experience something truly amazing! So happy I chose here and made the jump! Would recommend to anyone who wants to cross this off the bucket list of thrilling experiences . - 12/01/2022 
Matthew R. AvatarMatthew R.
Taylor was truly amazing! Thanks for making my experience with you as incredible as it could be! You’re a great guy and cannot wait to come back! - 11/03/2022 
Trevor R. AvatarTrevor R.
ALWAYS a great time. I jumped with my 18 year old daughter- we both had so much fun. The videos and pictures were excellent. The instructors did a great job with good explanations and instructions and we landed soft. - 11/03/2022 
Sharee S. AvatarSharee S.
2nd time jumping and it was amazing! Taylor made me feel so comfortable and Mitch took great care of my daughter and Fish did an amazing video and photos! Everyone at SkyDive Utah are the best peeps! - 11/03/2022 
Josalyn I. AvatarJosalyn I.
Pure EXCELLENCE thank you! - 11/03/2022 
Tiana T. AvatarTiana T.
Ughh! So much fun! Not my first time skydiving, but this place is amazing if you're wanting to skydive near SLC! Shout out to Ryker! - 11/03/2022 
Dillan C. AvatarDillan C.
The weather couldn't have been any better and the company couldn't have been any more inviting. Chris did a great job as "the big spoon." I'm so glad I chose to be a skydiver this year for Halloween. My favorite part was jumping out of the plane and free falling. Be sure to prepare for quick altitude changes that will result in unpleasant ear pressure once the parachute deploys. I love my certificate and thank you so much for spelling my name correctly! This was an overall great experience and I'm so glad I did it. - 11/03/2022 
Emma K. AvatarEmma K.
Fantastic! Keith my instructor was fantastic! Would go again!! - 11/03/2022 
Unknown A. AvatarUnknown A.
Amazing experience. Best day of my life. I will be going back. And I’m planning on taking their skydiving school - 11/03/2022 
Cecilia D. AvatarCecilia D.
Staff is great - 11/03/2022 
Braxton B. AvatarBraxton B.
So good, didn’t die - 11/03/2022 
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    Celine M.
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    Nicole K.
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    Tayte L.
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    zach W.
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  • Lindy B. Avatar
    Lindy B.
    Amazing! The staff and crew were awesome. They were experienced, super fun, gave clear instructions and made us feel comfortable... read more
  • Gayle Z. Avatar
    Gayle Z.
    4 of us experienced the awesomeness of skydiving. Jordan and Andrew handled everything like the true professionals they are.... read more
  • Shaun Ø. Avatar
    Shaun Ø.
    So I just did my jump today with Steve and man this was amazing! Super cool crew they have here,... read more
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    Britny B.
    This was such a great place to experience a fun jump and the crew were super friendly and funny! Really... read more
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    Shane G.
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    Connie M.
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