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Tyrell V. AvatarTyrell V.

Greatest guys and best experience. Seriously coolest dudes. Leon and Arias are awesome. Darrin was awesome as well and Brenda was so helpful with scheduling and sent questions. - 9/27/2021 

Garrett D. AvatarGarrett D.

Leon and Chris are true professionals and made us feel comfortable and confident throughout our entire experience. From our interactions with them, to the airplane ride up and the insane free fall down, our entire time with Skydive the Wasatch was a memorable one! - 9/25/2021 

sheila b. Avatarsheila b.

Such a wonderful experience, and the instructors are fantastic! Can't wait to get back again!! - 9/21/2021 

Sheri F. AvatarSheri F.

This place is FANTASTIC very friendly put you at ease had a great experience would do it again - 9/21/2021 

Daniel D. AvatarDaniel D.

The staff were very fun and friendly. They made it easy and non-stressful to take your first jump. They were also very experienced-- we asked one of them how many jumps he had made and he said over 16,000. Aside from falling through the sky, they made it extra fun by having us do barrel rolls with the parachute and even letting us take the controls and steer it. It was wild and so fun. - 9/14/2021 

Lee G. AvatarLee G.

I watched my wife go skydiving and although I wasn't thrilled about her going, I felt much better after I met the staff. My wife loved it and recommends skydiving the Wasatch without reservation. It was a major adrenaline rush for her. - 9/14/2021 

Jack J. AvatarJack J.

These guys are the best. Super friendly and made my mom feel comfortable for her first jump. I highly recommend them and will be jumping with them again. - 9/14/2021 

Katrina L. AvatarKatrina L.

Booked a jump for my husbands 40th birthday as a surprise and we both had a wonderful experience. Our original booking date had to be moved because they couldn’t accommodate us but they were wonderful to call and get us rescheduled for another day.It was easily the scariest and funnest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. If I were to give anyone advice on jumping it would be to schedule two jumps back to back so you can really enjoy it your second time time around.Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks so much for a wonderful and unforgettable day and experience!Buy the video and the photos it was probably the best part because your jump goes by so fast the video will help you relive it over and over again. Just Do IT! - 9/07/2021 

Kristen Z. AvatarKristen Z.

This place was awesome. It felt like family and they made sure we felt comfortable at all times. The view is gorgeous and the jump is just amazing! I got to steer the parachute and landing was softer than I thought it'd be. I highly recommend! - 9/07/2021 

Alana M. AvatarAlana M.

Super chill and fun crew and experience! - 8/30/2021 

Old S. AvatarOld S.

We had a great experience at Skydive the Wasatch. The entire crew are professional and want you to have a fun time, which we did. Back to jump with you all soon. Thanks for the heart stopping memories. - 8/30/2021 

Amber A. AvatarAmber A.

I absolutely loved my experience at skydive the wasatch! The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. They did a really great job of helping me feel safe so I wasn't nervous. The dive itself was incredible, I loved it! the view of the wasatch was so gorgeous. I would definitely jump with them again. - 8/30/2021 

Hannah C. AvatarHannah C.

Best experience ever! They were so much fun and I easily trusted them with my life! 10/10 would do it again. - 8/29/2021 

S L. AvatarS L.

Me and my family had our first skydiving experience this morning with Skydive the Wasatch and they did not disappoint !!! I jumped with Chris and he was awesome at calming my nerves and making me feel comfortable. This was insanely cool!! Thank you for a great time! - 8/29/2021 

Andy B. AvatarAndy B.

What a rad day we had. First, I was super nervous to do this. Second, the staff is legendary. Brenda was the best! Greg made sure we had a chute that opened. Leon and Chris could not have been cooler buddies. Surprised my wife with a jump for her birthday and decided last minute to jump with her. What I’m saying is……do it! This is the go to spot for jumping out of an airplane. (Also, Leon has a mans mustache!) - 8/28/2021 

Brett W. AvatarBrett W.

Had an amazing time! The guys are awesome and super friendly and patient. The whole experience was amazing! Will definitely be back! - 8/25/2021 

Tracy AvatarTracy

I would definitely recommend this place for skydiving! They make you feel comfortable and completely at ease. The views were amazing! They also did an excellent job on the video! I will definitely be back! - 8/24/2021 

Austin M. AvatarAustin M.

At first I was a little put off about the treatment I had over the phone after my jump was canceled due to smoke. Although the rescheduling process was a little frustrating because you have to leave a voicemail for them to call back, jump morning was SO AWESOME.The paperwork was easy to fill and they even reviewed it with you to make sure the signatures were correct. The instructors waked us though the tandem parachute packs, the plane, jump positions all on the ground and without delay got us up on the air.The plane was small as expected but the circle around Mount Nebo was breathtaking. The jump was extremely exhilarating, Chris (my instructor) did a flip out the plane, we did 21 seconds of free fall as 124 mph, the parachute deployment was smooth, I got to do some barrel rolls with the help of the instructor and the landing was a walk in the park.For my first jump, I couldn’t ask for better. - 8/24/2021 

Derek D. AvatarDerek D.

The jump itself was worth the 5 stars, not to mention the welcoming crew and chill atmosphere. Would definitely recommend! - 8/24/2021 

Caitlin E. AvatarCaitlin E.

This was my first skydive ever and I had no idea what to expect but Chris and all the other guys kept it really lighthearted and answered every question thoroughly. Even their dog Carl helped ease my nervous tension. My tandem buddy has 23 years of experience under his belt so I felt totally safe- even when he let me steer the ropes 🙂 I hope I can come back very soon! - 8/24/2021 

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    Nate R.

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    Chantel D.

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  • Lily H. Avatar
    Lily H.

    BEST EVER! Everyone was so nice and super fun! They made my experience less scary and more exiting! Took us... read more

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    Dominika G.

    Group of professionals, that know what they are doing. This was my first jump, they made the experience awesome. They... read more

  • Desi G. Avatar
    Desi G.

    literally thee greatest experience I've had yet. and the staff was UNREAL. they made our time there THAT much better.... read more

  • Joseph D. Avatar
    Joseph D.

    Really awesome experience! Great from start to finish. Instruction was very clear. Jump partners were fun. ... read more

  • Kristen Z. Avatar
    Kristen Z.

    This place was awesome. It felt like family and they made sure we felt comfortable at all times. The view... read more

  • Nicole K. Avatar
    Nicole K.

    We had a super positive experience with Skydive the Wasatch! Leon was a great instructor who struck the right balance... read more

  • DeniseRochelle1 Avatar

    Fantastic company! If you ever had the thought to do a tandem skydive, this is the place!... read more

  • Stephanie F. Avatar
    Stephanie F.

    This was the best impulsive decision I have ever made, so glad I went!! It was an absolutely breathtaking experience!!... read more


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