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Lois J. AvatarLois J.

Thanks so much! It was so exciting that I wanted to get back in the airplane and jump again as soon as I got down to the ground. The view is awesome! - 9/06/2022 

Carol K. AvatarCarol K.

Yesterday was my 2nd jump, my first being 15 years ago. This was by far the better experience! The instructions on the website were super clear, and the waiver process was very informational, clearly laying out the risks of jumping out of an airplane. The instructors themselves were both professional and fun. There was a group of 4 of us, so 2 tandem jumpers could go up in the plane at a time. There was comfortable seating either inside the hanger or right under the airplane door where we could watch our friends jump. I was able to iPhone video their landings 20 feet away in the landing zone. I was so impressed with how precise their landings were. As for my own jump, it was phenomenal. They took video of us, even though we didn’t purchase the video or photo package. I really love that they take video anyways, because they keep it on file for about a year in case you do decide you want it. I was so impressed, and we have plans to go back in a few years when my daughter turns 18. These guys were legit. - 8/31/2022 

Brenda G. AvatarBrenda G.

awesome people who helped jeff green with such a great experience on his first jump. can't wait to come back!!!! - 8/28/2022 

CJ O. AvatarCJ O.

We had an absolute blast. They were fantastic. We had a large group and they made it an amazing experience. Thanks to all the instructors. Well worth the experience. - 8/24/2022 

Avery B. AvatarAvery B.

It was the best experience of my life! Paul, my tandem instructor, was the best! I would recommend so highly! - 8/24/2022 

Oy B. AvatarOy B.

Had a great time! This was my second time going (first was in towels) and I liked this one better. The harness felt like it had more padding which was nice too! - 8/24/2022 

Maia h. AvatarMaia h.

Great experience, I jumped with Paul and everything was explained well while also being straight forward. If I jump again I’ll go here. - 8/24/2022 

Logan D. AvatarLogan D.

Great experience, I did not die, and they gave me an otter pop for the flight up. Tons of fun, felt very safe and everything was clearly explained. Will go again when I get the chance. - 8/24/2022 

Trevin A. AvatarTrevin A.

Coolest experience ever!! Quick and easy definitely gonna come back!! - 8/24/2022 

Tansy L. AvatarTansy L.

I did my first dive with them today. Everyone was laid back and friendly and helped make the experience as stress-free as skydiving can be. 😂 The plane ride to altitude was gorgeous and the jump was incredible. Great experience overall and I’d do it again. - 8/24/2022 

Gabrielle S. AvatarGabrielle S.

This place provides the best possible skydiving experience I could have asked for!! I didn’t even feel that nervous, they explained everything well and I felt completely safe and secure the whole time I was up in the sky. I thought it would be hard to hear and follow their directions when we were in the air but it actually was way easier and better than I even could have imagined. The view was amazing and the landing was easy, it didn’t feel dangerous at all, just exhilarating and magical. This was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done! You also get a sticker and a certificate when you’re done, which is way fun. I would definitely recommend Skydive the Wasatch if you want the best bang for your buck and the best possible experience skydiving!!! - 8/24/2022 

Chaney B. AvatarChaney B.

I had the best skydiving experience it was so epic! The staff were so nice and made it so fun!! - 8/17/2022 

Tiauna W. AvatarTiauna W.

Actually amazing! Everyone was super friendly and did their best to make us as comfortable as possible! Shout out to Paul for doing all the heavy lifting so that I could just enjoy the experience:) - 8/17/2022 

Michaela L. AvatarMichaela L.

Skydive the Wasatch is 1000/10! The staff, instructors, pilot, everyone was great. The experience was even better. Can't wait for my next jump! - 8/17/2022 

Jacquelyn P. AvatarJacquelyn P.

This was such a great experience! I really enjoyed my instructor! I felt safe and secure the whole time! I will come back here! - 8/17/2022 

Kirsten G. AvatarKirsten G.

Such an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish! All the instructors were chill and fun. They made us comfortable and made the trip so much more fun! The view from the plane of the Wasatch mountains and the view from the jump were indescribable. We would come back again in a heartbeat. - 8/17/2022 

Travis W. AvatarTravis W.

What a great experience! It was a bit of a drive to Nephi but was totally worth it. Leon was a very assuring instructor. I jumped for the first time at 50 and it won’t be my last! It was a simple process not complicated and I really appreciated that because when you are already nervous about the jump simple is best. Don’t hesitate they are great! - 8/17/2022 

Jefferson M. AvatarJefferson M.

Absolutely amazing experience and service, the staff was very confident and supportive, clear and concise with directions which made jumping very easy! Would highly recommend! Shoutout Bradley for keeping me alive! Best day of our lives for sure - 8/17/2022 

Andrew T. AvatarAndrew T.

First time skydiving was absolutely amazing. I jumped with monte, he was awesome, made me feel safe and not nervous, and he was experienced. Would definitely recommend to anyone jumping for the first time, will definitely be going back! - 8/17/2022 

Kari C. AvatarKari C.

The crew had a good vibe and I felt safe and confident in my tandem jumpguy Paul and the pilot. They were all friendly and personable and very pleasant. Leon gave clear instructions that were easy to remember and follow and I felt like I was safe and in competent hands for my first jump. The views were spectacular and if I get the chance will be glad to jump with them again. - 8/17/2022 

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    Stormy T.

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    Cindy B.

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  • Austin W. Avatar
    Austin W.

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  • Garrett A. Avatar
    Garrett A.

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  • Cody F. Avatar
    Cody F.

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  • Matt J. Avatar
    Matt J.

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  • Aubrey S. Avatar
    Aubrey S.

    These guys were awesome! My husband and I had a great experience skydiving with them. They explained everything very well... read more

  • zach W. Avatar
    zach W.

    I absolutely loved jumping with these guys. Absolute professionals and tons of fun. They made my first experience unforgettable. I... read more

  • Amber A. Avatar
    Amber A.

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  • Garrett D. Avatar
    Garrett D.

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