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Mark T. AvatarMark T.

This place is amazing. The staff is very competent and professional. They made me and my daughter feel safe and comfortable the entire time. Nephi was a great spot to jump. It was beautiful. I highly recommend Skydiving the Wasatch if skydiving is on your bucket list. - 6/05/2021 

Ryan S. AvatarRyan S.

If anyone has anything negative about this place they are hating. These guys were kind, friendly, informational , and BAD A$$ ! It was a great time! - 6/02/2021 

Truman F. AvatarTruman F.

They bridged the gap between professionalism so we felt safe, and playfulness so we weren't stressed about the dive. Everything moved smoothly with our group of 6 and we all agreed it was a phenomenal experience. The views along the Wasatch were second to none! They do an amazing job of documenting the whole experience with videos. - 6/01/2021 

Marcia E. AvatarMarcia E.

Fantastic experience for my first time skydiving. Clear instructions, chill atmosphere, and great price. Loved having the opportunity to steer the parachute and do barrel rolls on the way down. 100% would recommend! - 6/01/2021 

Claire G. AvatarClaire G.

We had the BEST time here!! It was my boyfriend and my first time, and everyone was so cool about it! Leon was the best and made us feel super safe and comfortable and everyone who works here is just honestly the best. Definitely come here, everyone is super capable and they all do their jobs very well! Enjoy it! - 6/01/2021 

steve v. Avatarsteve v.

Great experience. Super cool staff - 5/30/2021 

Honestine M. AvatarHonestine M.

Such an amazing experience!! 10/10 would do it again! It was my first time and the staff was so welcoming and did a wonderful job of calming my nerves. The training that was provided before taking flight was very reassuring and made me feel even more safe! Not one time did I feel like I wasn t being taken care of. My friends and I will definitely be coming back!! - 5/30/2021 

R L. AvatarR L.

Awesome company and staff. My experience was wonderful and I felt valued as a customer!!! I will be recommending to anyone looking to skydive in Utah!!! - 5/30/2021 

Ryan S. AvatarRyan S.

Crew members were amazing. The jump was even better 100% recommend coming here to jump - 5/30/2021 

Kevin G. AvatarKevin G.

Hands down the funniest thing I've ever done and I did it with my son Hunter! The staff were great and answered all my questions! I will go again soon . Awesome experience - 5/30/2021 

Jimie H. AvatarJimie H.

Had such an amazing time, the weather was beautiful and the staff and instructors were super nice and helpful. 10/10 would recommend going here. Their prices are also super affordable and definitely worth it. - 5/23/2021 

Rob S. AvatarRob S.

This was a super spot great service wonderful feeling good adventure reasonably priced I highly recommend it check out the mountains from 2000 feet above them!!! - 5/23/2021 

Hannah F. AvatarHannah F.

Absolutely amazing! Worth every penny and we can't wait to go back. Going with a small business was such a good idea, the experience couldn't be replicated by a big business! See yall soon! - 5/16/2021 

Ryan C. AvatarRyan C.

I ve been to several skydive locations and this was by far the best experience. The staff is friendly, fast and helpful. Best of all you jump in whatever you re wearing. I will definitely be coming back. - 5/16/2021 

Logan S. AvatarLogan S.

SUPER competent guys. They love their craft and they do a great job at calming the nerves. All of them have thousands of jumps under their belt & help you realize that the sport is far safer than it sounds.Stellar group - 5/05/2021 

Charles B. AvatarCharles B.

Amazing experience! Very knowledgeable and professional! Highly recommend to anyoneCharles - 4/18/2021 

Melissa M. AvatarMelissa M.

MUST GOOOOO! Skydive the Wasatch is incredible. The views are breathtaking, and the staff is incredibly accommodating. Leon, Rob, Dan, and Tanner did everything they could to make me and my group comfortable. As first time jumpers, the nerves were high but we felt secure and had an absolute blast. We laughed the whole way up!! Couldn’t recommend more. - 4/09/2021 

Nicole K. AvatarNicole K.

We had a super positive experience with Skydive the Wasatch! Leon was a great instructor who struck the right balance of humor, thoroughness and competence. He put my fears in context and helped me feel confident on my first jump. I loved my first skydive! Highly recommend! - 11/12/2020 

Austin W. AvatarAustin W.

This place was amazing, the instructors were amazing! They were all helpful, nice, and super friendly! They calm the nerves of your first jump very well! The guys that jump with you are the greatest! 10/10 will jump again! - 11/12/2020 

Brittney H. AvatarBrittney H.

Such a great first time skydiving experience. The staff kept things funny and light hearted, but also provided great instructions. I felt safe and confident during the whole process. And the jump was amazing, so much fun! - 11/12/2020 

  • Oksana K. Avatar
    Oksana K.

    Absolutely loved it! Thank you Mark and Brandon for the most amazing time in the sky. It's been a week,... read more

  • Laura L. Avatar
    Laura L.

    This was the most amazing experience of my life!!! I had a really fantastic instructor that made the experience even... read more

  • Amy T. Avatar
    Amy T.

    Today was Absolutely AMAZING!!! Jordan was awesome!!! He made me feel safe and comfortable....gave me an experience of a lifetime!!!... read more

  • Brian A. Avatar
    Brian A.

    Just came to watch my father in law jump but brought back great memories of when I jumped 2 years... read more

  • Branden T. Avatar
    Branden T.

    This was the best experience of my life!! The whole crew was so awesome. This will not be my last... read more

  • Adam P. Avatar
    Adam P.

    This was my second time jumping with Skydive the Wasatch, same great experience. This time I brought along my wife... read more

  • Cindy W. Avatar
    Cindy W.

    Such an amazing experience!! Thank you for being so kind, funny, and skilled!! Had so much fun and you all... read more

  • Nichole S. Avatar
    Nichole S.

    I have never met a more caring crew. Everyone of them went above and beyond for me and my group... read more

  • Marcia E. Avatar
    Marcia E.

    Fantastic experience for my first time skydiving. Clear instructions, chill atmosphere, and great price. Loved having the opportunity to steer... read more

  • Crystal P. Avatar
    Crystal P.

    Oh my goodness!!! This was one of the best experiences EVER!! The guys were wonderful! Super nice and funny staff!... read more


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