No More Boring Gifts… Why Everyone Wants a Skydive Experience this Holiday Season

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Looking for the perfect gift for your special someone? Give them an experience of a lifetime with a skydiving gift card to Skydive the Wasatch! Everyone has someone close to them who is hard to shop for during the holiday season. A Skydive the Wasatch skydiving gift card is perfect for that mom who has […]

Looking for the perfect gift for your special someone? Give them an experience of a lifetime with a skydiving gift card to Skydive the Wasatch!

Everyone has someone close to them who is hard to shop for during the holiday season. A Skydive the Wasatch skydiving gift card is perfect for that mom who has everything, the dad who won’t tell you what they want, or the friend who you want to give a more personal and exciting gift.

Why is a Tandem Skydive the Perfect Gift?

A tandem skydive is a gift like no other. Gift cards can be thought of as an “easy” gift, and while it does take out the hassle of shopping in person, a skydiving gift card is the most thoughtful gift card on the market.

Here are some reasons why a tandem skydiving gift card is the perfect holiday present:

  1. When you gift a tandem skydive, you’re gifting the opportunity for a life-changing moment.
    • Most people who take a tandem skydive with us describe it as a moment that changed their life forever. We’ve had tandem skydives take people out of depression, motivate individuals to start a new career, give someone a better perspective on life, among countless other things. This could be the gift that starts your friend or family member on a new journey. At the very least, it’ll change how they view the stars and skies.
  2. A tandem skydive is a gift that’s memory will last forever.
    • Typically, when you buy someone a Christmas gift, they use it for a year or two at most, then it gets thrown in the trash or forgotten about. While a tandem skydive isn’t tangible, its memory will never fade.
  3. You’re not just providing someone with a gift, you’re providing them with an adventure.
    • A skydiving gift card is perfect for anyone in your life that meets the requirements to skydive! People say all the time that skydiving is a bucket-list item, but never actually take the leap. Here’s your chance push them towards it! Provide your loved one with an adventure this holiday season!
  4. A tandem skydive is a gift that can be shared.
    • Trying to invigorate your relationship with someone over the holidays? Looking for a family adventure that everyone will love? A skydive is something that can be shared with the person or people you’re gifting it to. Giving a skydiving gift card doesn’t just have to be a gift for the person receiving it, it can be a gift for yourself as well! Having a shared experience like a tandem skydive with people you care for will create a bond like never before. Whether it’s with an individual or a group, it’s a memory that you all can cherish together for years to come.
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Who Should you give a Skydiving Gift Card to?

A tandem skydive is a gift for anyone who meets the requirements to skydive!

Here are some people who you should consider gifting a skydiving gift card to:

  1. The whole family!
    • At Skydive the Wasatch, we love hosting big groups! Take a different kind of Christmas vacation this year! Book a skydive experience and have your most memorable holiday vacation to date!
  2. The adrenaline junkie in your life.
    • Want to give the favorite gift someone receives this holiday season? Gift a skydiving gift card to the daredevil in your life and you’ll forever be known as the best gift-giver.
  3. A romantic partner.
    • A tandem skydive is the perfect way to strengthen the bond between you and your romantic partner. Combine adventure with an intimate moment flying through the air and you’re guaranteed to both spice up your relationship and feel the love for one another through this risk-taking ride.
  4. Your best friend.
    • What better person to go skydiving with than your best friend? Gift your lifelong mate a skydiving experience to give them a moment you two can cherish forever. Or, have a friend you want to get to know better? What better way to break the ice than by gifting them a tandem skydive for you two to enjoy together while facing your biggest fears?
  5. Your parents.
    • Parents are historically hard to shop for. Don’t give your parents another gift they won’t use just for the sake of giving them something. Give them something that will allow them to go outside of their comfort zone. A skydiving gift card is a gift that’s sure to bump you up to the top of the favorite child list!
  6. Your grandparents.
    • It’s never too late to fulfill your dreams! At Skydive the Wasatch, we’ve had skydivers of all ages up to 100+ years-old! Help your elder family members live their last years to the fullest by giving them the extra push to live out their bucket-list items!

The search for the perfect holiday gift is over!

Don’t know the date your gift recipient wants to go on their skydiving journey? No problem! Skydive the Wasatch skydiving gift cards are a great way to book an adventure without having to pin down an exact day or timeline. Our gift cards are valid on the operating date of your choice and have no expiration.

Worried your recipient won’t want to use it? That’s blasphemy! As you read above, a skydiving gift card is perfect for everyone! However, in the slight chance that it’s not the perfect gift for your special someone, Skydive the Wasatch skydiving gift cards are redeemable by anyone as long as they fit the requirements to skydive.

Want more reason to buy a skydiving gift card? Right now, Skydive the Wasatch skydiving gift cards are ON SALE. We have multiple skydiving experiences to choose from along with multiple price ranges. Purchase today before our only sale of the year ends! Click the link here to visit our gift card sales page.

Skydive the Wasatch is excited to help you spread the holiday cheer! Our staff and tandem instructors are sure to provide an extra jolly experience!

For questions or more information regarding skydiving gift cards at Skydive the Wasatch, send an email to or give us a call at (385) 321-0284. Happy Holidays and happy jumping!

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