Provo Skydiving

Provo Skydiving

Skydive the Wasatch is the closest skydiving center to Provo, Utah. We're neighbors! If you live in Provo and you have sharp eyes, you might be able to see skydivers flying down to the ground -- we're just a 35-minute drive away. (The dropzone is located just off the 15 freeway, so we're super-convenient to find.)

Are you a student at Provo College, Brigham Young or Utah Valley State College? Get your friends together and bring a group! Skydiving is more fun with your buddies, anyway -- that's why most of us are in the sport! -- and we can do special tandem skydiving deals for groups. Just ask.

College students aren't the only folks who can enjoy group skydiving specials -- we invite youth groups, teambuilding groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties, adventure meetups, and all other kinds of adventurous gatherings.

It was my first time skydiving, I was hella nervous, but the instructors were professional and awesome. Pretty funny too. They made me feel safe about it. and it was a kick ass experience. I would go back again easy.

» Kyle Supertramp