Skydiving Gift Certificates: Your Ticket To World Domination

Some gifts can change lives -- for the better -- forever.

Like, for instance, a tandem skydive.

So: with that understanding, let's work through the logic. Changing someone's life forever is a great way to be remembered, and to loom large in someone's world. If you loom large in someone's world, then you might be seen to be dominating said world. Hence: world domination.

It's also a super-nice thing to do.

We can help with your plans. Just buy your potential target a tandem skydiving gift certificate, good for a marvelous tandem skydive with us in beautiful Utah.

If you're a little confused as to how this might work, don't worry: we've put together answers to those pressing questions. Here's the deal.

1.What if my gift certificate recipient gets scared and doesn't want to jump?

Not to worry! Gift certificates can be transferred to anyone -- including right back to you. (After all, why not test out the goods? That's good science.)

2. What if my recipient never makes time for it?

If your recipient never seems to find a day to jump (which is suspect, since we're open for the entire warm-and-kinda-warm season), you have a couple of options. Number one: our gift certificates never expire, so dude/tte can go skydiving anywhere between now and eternity. (Bonus: you can annoy him/her by bringing it up at every single meeting for the next decade or so.)

3. What if my recipient is outside the physical requirements at the time of the jump?

Like we said: gift cards never expire, so your recipient has unlimited time to get within the physical requirements we set out for tandem skydiving passengers.

4. What if I buy several? Is there a discount?

Boy howdy. The discount will be applied on the day of the jump, in accordance with our group discount rates. We'll simply refund the discount amount. Teeny caveat: your group must jump on the same day. (That's cool -- it makes it even more fun when you do it together!)

5. Can I choose whether or not to add video and photos to my gift certificate?

Yes. Absolutely and totally yes. (Your recipient will be so stoked.)

6. Is the certificate physical or digital?

This is 2020, my friend. It's digital -- and it's sent directly to your email address, instantly. Couldn't be easier! (Or harder to lose.)

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overall amazing experience! Definitely returning soon!!

» Sylvia Tristan