Skydiving Video Services

This is going to be one of the best videos you'll see in your entire life -- and you'll be the star.

You will soon have the burning need to relive your skydiving experience -- and to show your friends, family, the mailman, your favorite bartender, or, y'know, random people off the street. Your skydiving experience will be captured in its entirety, from prep to the plane to freefall to landing and be available for digital download. Be ready to share your extreme footage.

Video Services

Option Cost
Freefall Video AND Photos - A professionally edited Video and 125 high-quality photos! $149.00
Freefall Video - Professionally edited Video of your Tandem Skydive. $99.00
Freefall Photos - At least 125 high-quality Photos! $89.00


We checked out the other jump sites but this was by far the most scenic.

» Kirk Harpole