Free FJC

Date Details: Friday, April 29, 2016

We're proud members of the U.S. Parachute Association, so we're stoked to join the USPA in celebrating Learn to Skydive month! You're gonna love the way we're making merry: we're hosting a free first-jump training ground school class for anybody (18+)* who's interested in learning to skydive.

On At 9AM on April 29th, 2016, one of our charming U.S. Parachute Association-certified instructors will teach the 6-hour course. The material will cover all the basic information you need to know to make your first solo skydive. You'll learn about:

  • equipment

  • aircraft

  • how to exit the plane

  • what you'll need to do in freefall

  • how to open and land your parachute

  • emergency procedures

  • ...and lots more, really. It's a big, fun subject. Naturally.

The best part? There is zero cost to you to join us for the class.

If you decide you want to make your first skydive (which is, y'know, so very likely), you'll have the option for a tandem or solo jump. You'll then pay for the air portion of the jump and receive additional hands-on training before taking to the sky.

Slots are super-limited, so you'd better hurry up and reserve yours now by either calling us at (385) 321-0284 or emailing us [email protected]

*For those who want to jump following the ground school, additional weight and health requirements apply. Just ask.

I had an excellent first skydive experience because of the great people at SKYDIVE THE WASATCH. The vibe was relaxed and the instruction was clear. It was easy to trust the team and just go for it!!!

» Callie Reed