Your Day at the Dropzone

Published: August 7, 2016

Every new experience benefits from knowing a little about what to expect. Right? Right.

So: To help make your day at Skydive the Wasatch even better, we've put together this little walk-through to familiarize you with the process and procedures. Pull up a chair and fire up your imagination, dear reader--here's a front-row seat to preview your day at our beautiful dropzone.

1. Arrival!

As you pull into the Nephi Municipal airport, Skydive the Wasatch will stick right out. After all, we're the most active hanger on the airport! Just to be sure, we've got a great big, blue-and-orange sign on the side of the hangar. Here's what to look for:


Feel free to park anywhere in our spacious parking lot. It's right by the spectator area, so you might be treated to a landing or two immediately upon arrival!

2. Nice to meet you!

As you proceed through the door, you will more than likely be greeted at the desk by our friendly dropzone manager, Andrew. After the totally necessary friendly howdies, he will hand you a waiver to fill out. It's a long one--in skydiving, they all are!--so grab a free soft drink out of the fridge and seat on one of the many cozy couches to fill it out.

The front desk

3. Introducing "The Crazy Bearded Adventure Man"

We'll play the video that accompanies the waiver. The video features the brilliant inventor of the Sigma Tandem Skydiving System, Mr. Bill Booth. He is idiosyncratic-looking. Hence, we have nicknamed him "the crazy bearded adventure man." Suffice it to say, it's not a boring instructional video. Enjoy.

4. Make yourself comfortable.

When you finish your waiver, you'll turn them back in at the desk. At this point, you will be advised of any wait time, or directed to an instructor. We try our hardest to make sure nobody has to wait around an excessive amount of time, but when and if it happens, worry not! we have a computer/xbox/dvd/Netflix setup on the big screen next to the couches.

Some skydivers might prefer to unplug and watch the other groups jumping before them, either in the spectator area outside, or the fenced-off area inside the sweet shade of the hangar. The couches also offer a great view of the packing area, and our friendly staff is always ready and willing to talk about skydiving, parachutes, how they're packed, etc.

Our comfy observation zone.

5. Make that jump!

Then,'s time! Woo!

We've put together a thorough description of the rest of the process at this link, so have a peek at that.

We're looking forward to meeting you, brave adventurer! Don't be a stranger any longer. Book your jump today!

The instructors really help you to feel relaxed and prepared to jump!

» Brenton