You’re Not Going to Get Sick! (But Here’s Some Extra Security, Anyway)

You’re Not Going to Get Sick! (But Here’s Some Extra Security, Anyway)

Published: August 28, 2016

We hear this question a lot: "Am I going to get sick when I skydive?"

It's probably the power of suggestion, right? We get the feeling that most people have just happened to see some viral footage of a sour-stomached tandem passenger, and the possibility is causing a bit of unnecessary nailbiting.

Let us assure you of this: Statistically speaking, no! You aren't going to get sick on your tandem skydive. Sure, there are outliers--but there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure it's not you looking green in your shoulda-been-glorious skydiving video.

First of all: Eat normally. Don't rock up for a tandem skydive with an very full stomach or a very empty one. Be prepared by bringing a few healthy snacks with you to make sure your blood sugar stays normal.

Secondly: If you already know you've got a hair trigger for motion sickness, you should bring your motion sickness meds along and take them at the appropriate time before the jump. Forewarned is forearmed!

Thirdly and finally: Make sure you've been drinking. And by that, of course, we do NOT mean to drink alcohol (which you shouldn't go anywhere near when you're skydiving.) We mean that you must stay hydrated! Drink water and other hydrating fluids before and after your jump, because between your general state of excitement and the effects of altitude, dehydration can easily sneak up you.

In summary, we'll leave you with this: the sickness you're likeliest to get is a deep sense of homesickness for the sky, the moment you land. And there's only one cure for that...

It was my first time skydiving, I was hella nervous, but the instructors were professional and awesome. Pretty funny too. They made me feel safe about it. and it was a kick ass experience. I would go back again easy.

» Kyle Supertramp