Waiting For Photos and Videos? Heck No. That's So 1997.

Waiting For Photos and Videos? Heck No. That's So 1997.

Published: July 21, 2016

At Skydive the Wasatch, we kinda pride ourselves on being way more in touch with technology than most dropzones out there. Nerds? Okay maybe--but here are the many reasons why our technological geekout makes your life sparklier:

1. You will have your skydiving video THISCLOSE to the moment you land.

We are able to edit your skydiving video and hand it to you within about ten minutes of your triumphant landing. (Eat our shorts, George Lucas.)

2. Your way, right away, at Skydive the Wasatch now.

Want a choice of formats? We got your choice of formats. Lots of folks still get DVDs --and it's an excellent quality product, naturally--but people asked for other options. We listened! Brand-new skydivers now have the option of getting pictures and video on DVD, flash drive or Dropbox.

If you need us to give you a USB drive, we charge just $5 for the (reusable) device itself. If you bring your own--or for your group--then guess what? No extra charge. We're not into the nickel-and-dime thing.

If you pick Dropbox, you'll be waiting a little while longer for the files to upload...so grab a free drink from the fridge and do another post-jump happy dance. It'll be done before you know it. The process is simple: you'll be emailed a link, and the pictures and video will be ready for you to download from our Dropbox for approximately two weeks.

3. Instant fame.

Can't wait for the world to see you in freefall? We hear you! As it turns out, we upload the majority of our videos to our YouTube channel immediately. That means that you can share your videos with friends and family, like, RIGHTTHISMINUTE.

Grateful for our geekiness now, right? We thought so! If you feel like celebrating by showing up for your Salt Lake tandem skydive in full cosplay glory, feel free...just be aware that you won't be able to brandish your Link sword in freefall.

Friendly group of guys that love what they do and they do it well.

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