This Is How You End the Skydiving Season With Style

This Is How You End the Skydiving Season With Style

Published: November 15, 2016

How do you let somebody know you appreciate them? Well, by going out of your way to show how grateful you are, of course.

At Skydive the Wasatch, we appreciate the heck out of our fun jumpers. We're way proud and way thankful for the amazing community of skydivers that calls our dropzone home. Every last one of these guys made our year by bringing all kinds of positive energy. We can't thank everybody enough!

So--to let our fun jumpers know how much we appreciated them throughout the year--we dedicated a whole day to them to close the season in style. It. Was. GREAT.

We started at 10am. We got incredibly lucky with the weather--it was gorgeous all day. Nick, Justin, Shaun, Cody, Trevor, Andrew, Allan and Theresa all made jumps--with freefly tubes and giant stuffed bears on hand to play a part in the shenanigans. We were also stoked to do two tandems for friends-of-friends. One of the tandem students--Kassie--is going to start on her license next spring! When the sun set, our local sky family, the Barneys, cooked up some awesome spaghetti and we relaxed by the bonfire for the remainder of the night. A magnificent time was had by all, big hugs and high-fives were shared and big plans were made for next season.

We're planning on opening for the first week of April, 2017--be there and be part of the legend!

it's just one of the moments that doesn't make you feel human.

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