The Top 4 Reasons Your New Years Resolutions Should Start With Skydiving

The Top 4 Reasons Your New Years Resolutions Should Start With Skydiving

Published: December 30, 2016

That list of resolutions could use a turbocharge, no?

If you're looking at bullet points that riff on the same promises you make every year, hear this: You need a new list. Specifically, you need one that kicks off with a skydive. Here's why.

1. It'll give you a boost through the winter.

Our opening weekend is in April (as, for a number of reasons, it's best to stay on the ground when it's full-on wintertime cold). That gives an eager new jumper the first third of the year to do your research on skydiving, get down to the required weight (if that's an issue), get your friends on board and get really, really excited. By the time April rolls around, you'll be raring to go and counting down the minutes.

2. It'll give you confidence to knock out your other resolutions.

Once you've experienced the mighty, near-magical confidence boost of a skydive, you'll find that your other, more traditional resolutions are way easier to tackle. Getting fitter? Saving money? Making time for the people you care about? Dude--once you've jumped out the door of a plane cruising along over the jaw-dropping Utah landscape at 10,000 feet, all that stuff is just dirt off your shoulder.

3. It might just inspire a whole passion.

Once you've got that first jump under your belt, there's a good chance you're not going to want to stop there. You might just do what lots of grinning post-jump adventurers do, and sidle right back to the manifest counter to ask us about learning to skydive. Nothing makes us happier than welcoming more new friends into the air up there--and nothing says "bye bye, 2016" like reimagining yourself as a bad-mutha airsports athlete.

4. You've always wanted to.

How close to the bucket do you really want to get before you start making that bucket list happen, dear reader? Now is your chance. Jump.

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It was my first time and I would recommend Skydive the Wasatch...

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