OK, I Made a Tandem Skydive -- Now What?! What’s Next?

OK, I Made a Tandem Skydive -- Now What?! What’s Next?

Published: May 19, 2014

If you've done a skydive with us here in Utah, we already know you're awesome.

True story.

That means, of course, that we want to hang out with you more than once in a lifetime. And that -- let's face it -- means that you're going to have to become a skydiver, just like us. If you're stoked at how that sounds, we want to help you chart your course.

Coming down from that first jump, sport skydiving may seem at once really doable and really far off. We're here to tell you that only the former is true. Really, you're only a couple of weeks away from being an actual-factual, card-carrying skydiver. We're admittedly biased (as none of us can imagine what life would be like if we hadn't gotten obsessed with the idea of jumping out of planes), but we're sure that the best thing you could possibly do to celebrate your first skydive would be to do a second one -- and a third, and a fourth, and a five-hundredth (preferably with 30 friends, at sunset, with an inflatable pool toy and with a party waiting for you on the ground).

What's Jump #2?

If you're interested in continuing in the sport, give us a call. We can kick off your student progression smoothly by taking you on a Tandem Training Jump, where your instructor will talk you through some freefall and canopy piloting skills. (Bonus: on a training jump, you get to be the one to pull the ripcord.)

Start Your Freefall Training

After you've done a training jump, we can pretty much guarantee that you'll be hooked. As you complete your progression as a student skydiver, our licensed, highly qualified instructors will walk you through every aspect of each jump. An instructor will coach you before you board the plane, support you in the sky and provide radio support throughout the canopy flight.

Curious? The USPA has put together a super-helpful Online Ground School that helps walk you through some of the details.

Get Your Licence

Once you've chosen the method you want to use, it's time to fly. Passing the milestones of your student progression usually requires 25-30 jumps and will earn you your skydiving "A license," issued by the United States Parachute Association. That piece of paper acts as your credential, certifying you to jump at almost any of the thousands of skydiving drop zones all over the world. (That's a lot of sky!)

Once you're a certified skydiver, you'll be able to come back to Skydive the Wasatch whenever you want to as a member of our Utah skydiving "family." We're looking forward to it!