News Flash: You Can Fit Almost Two Miles Of Bliss Into A Stocking (For Less $!)

News Flash: You Can Fit Almost Two Miles Of Bliss Into A Stocking (For Less $!)

Published: December 10, 2016

Got someone on your list you just need to impress? How about givin' 'em a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will, like, change their entire lives?

Go ahead--plunk a gift certificate for a tandem skydive in that stocking and see what happens. We're pretty sure you've never seen someone's eyes go so wide when they open an envelope. After all, tandem skydiving opens a whole new world of wonderment for its lucky recipient--and nothing is as jolly as a first taste of freefall!

Bonus: We're running a holiday special. $129 gift cards thru Dec 31 midnight, baby! That's a solid savings.

You might have a few questions about how these things work, of course, being a highly informed and detail-oriented kinda Santa Claus. To help you in your quest, we've put together the answers to a few of your most pressing questions.

1.What if my gift certificate recipient gets scared and doesn't want to do it?

No worries whatsoever. Our tandem skydiving gift certificates can be transferred to anyone; they aren't locked to the owner of that stocking. (You can even, like, use it yourself. Just in case that crossed your mind.)

It's not a problem, either, if your recipient lollygags about scheduling. Our gift certificates never expire, so the giftee can make that skydive at any time between today and eternity.

2. Do you guys actually jump in the snow and stuff?

In a word: no. (And you don't want to put your giftee through that, either; it's 30 degrees colder at altitude than it is on the ground!) Your gift certificate will be valid during our open season--which is from April 'till October. That'll give your recipient time to get really excited about it--and, quite possibly, invite the whole tribe to take the leap!

3. What if my recipient is outside the physical requirements at the time of the jump?

There's a lot of time for Crossfit between December 25th and our April opening day! If that's not quite enough time to drop the ballast, remember: Our gift cards never expire, so your recipient has unlimited time to get within the weight limit we're required to enforce for tandem skydiving students. It's great motivation, for sure!

4. What if I go crazy and buy one for everybody I know? Is there a discount?

Why, yes! Indeed there is. Check out our group discount rates.

Group skydiving outings are an amazing Christmas gift for business teams, church groups, Greek get-togethers and the like--and what could be a better Christmas gift than having a stronger, more connected team in the new year?

5. Can I add video and photos to my gift certificate?

Oh so very much yes. We highly recommend it, too--because those photos and videos are fabulous icing on the cake, and it means that your very merry gift will endure for always on record.

6. Is the certificate physical or digital?

It's digital, and it's sent directly to your email address, instantly. That makes it pretty darn impossible to lose.

You could always just print that sucker out and put it in a nice card, but keep in mind that the digital delivery frees you up to get creative with the presentation. Perhaps you can have a toy paratrooper deliver the news? Or a drone? Or, given a large enough budget and a large enough convenient landing area, an actual skydiver? Go crazy. It's the most wonderful time of the year, after all!

Thank you for making one of my dreams come true! The whole team was very knowledgeable, respectful and friendly.

» Branden Taylor