Is Tandem Skydiving An Acceptable Risk, Or What?

Is Tandem Skydiving An Acceptable Risk, Or What?

Published: October 13, 2016

It's an unfortunate fact: your perspective on the risks involved in tandem skydiving isn't supported by science. It's influenced by the scare-happy media, and it lacks nuance. ...But that's not your fault! And you can fix it. Here's how.

The myths that surround the safety of skydiving--much like the myths that used to surround activities like commercial air travel--have largely to do with very rare, much-publicised incidents. They by no means define the safety of the sport, and they shouldn't be used as the crux of the decision-making process. Hopefully, in this little article, we'll be able to help you to be much smarter about it.

Investing In Life

For a moment, let's talk about making a tandem skydive like we're talking about a financial investment. It makes sense, right? After all, accepting calculated risk is the way we invest in our future lives. Just like a financial investment, we're looking to reap the biggest reward for a given set of risks. When we make risky decisions: like moving away to school, getting married, switching jobs, telling someone how we really feel, etc., we're investing in the betterment of our future.

If you look at it from that angle, skydiving is a downright brilliant investment.

Low Risk, Astronomical Reward

The risk a jumper incurs on a tandem skydive are very statistically low (lower than your morning commute, in fact!) and very manageable. In actual fact, the risk associated with both tandem and solo skydiving are lower than ever before in history. Technological improvements to the equipment, better, more regulated training and cautious, stringent aviation safety requirements work together to make that the case. If you're curious, you can actually see the numbers for yourself. We're all pretty proud of the strides we've made in this sport--in essence, the risks have been brought pretty darn close to negligible.

Whatcha Get

What do you get back for taking those low risks? Dude. The return on that investment is akin to throwing a coin in a nickel slot and being buried in the payout.

If you're like most first-time tandem skydivers, you can expect the following:

  1. To land with a sense of personal empowerment that's likely to be stronger than anything you've felt before

  2. To be inspired to try new things and tackle challenges

  3. To frame the challenges in your life in a much healthier, proactive way--because you've accepted an enormous challenge and rocked it, so what can't you pull off?

  4. To feel better--in a way that lasts long after the jump.

  5. If you parlay that tandem into a skydiving license, you're gonna make friends for life. (Ask any skydiver to vet that fact. They'll tell you it's true.)

Sounds pretty good, huh? It is. This is one investment opportunity you'd be a fool to pass up--and we'd love to be the ones to see your enormous grin as you're cashing it out. Come out and make that jump with us!

photo credit: JayCWSee Don't look down via photopin (license)

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