How To Relax Before Your First Utah Tandem Skydiving Experience

Published: June 22, 2016

Coming to Skydive the Wasatch for your first tandem skydive? Hooray!

If you're nervous, you're not the first--so we've put together this list of unique-to-Skydive-the-Wasatch stress relievers. You're gonna love it here!

1. Take a seat.

We have lots of options for places to hang out: picnic tables under a shade tarp. chairs around a fire pit, and dozens of couches. Grab a comfy perch and watch other people coming in for landing before you--once you check out those stoked faces, you'll be raring to go.

2. Hydrate with a free drink.

We have a fridge full of free sodas (and Capri Suns, if that's more your thing.) Just ask!

3. Chill at the park.

There's a pretty park in the middle of town--just 3 quick miles away. Gaze up at the big blue sky and blow off some steam!

4. Grab a bite.

You could go for a relaxing sit-down breakfast (or lunch) at our favorite local haunt: Lisa's Country Kitchen. It's super-yummy.

5. Take the scenic route.

On your way in, you could take the Mt. Nebo Scenic Byway. It's a A 35-mile paved road that runs along the wildflower-scattered Mt. Nebo Wilderness Area on the Uinta National Forest. It's tranquil, colorful and majestic--just what the doctor ordered.

6. Make a splash.

Head over to the gorgeous Burasten Ponds for a calming swim--or get a tiny taste of freefall on the rope swing.


made me feel safe, and made it fun!

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