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All Wasatch, All the Time: Getting to Know Mountain Athlete (and Skydive the Wasatch Student!) Sully Tesch

» August 17, 2017

When we talk to Park City native Sully Tesch, it's hard to hear him--because he's in his happy place, out at a mountain crag, dodging one of the two lightning storms a day that have been chasing him around on his climbing missions. When he gets down from there, we're happy to say that this adventurer of note will continue earning his skydiving license here at Skydive the Wasatch. We've been stoked to get to know Sully, and we bet you will, too!

The Top 4 Reasons Your New Years Resolutions Should Start With Skydiving

» December 30, 2016

If you're looking at bullet points that riff on the same promises you make every year, hear this: You need a new list. Specifically, you need one that kicks off with a skydive. Here's why.

News Flash: You Can Fit Almost Two Miles Of Bliss Into A Stocking (For Less $!)

» December 10, 2016

Got someone on your list you just need to impress? How about givin' 'em a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will, like, change their entire lives? We're running a holiday special!

This Is How You End the Skydiving Season With Style

» November 15, 2016

How do you let somebody know you appreciate them? Well, by going out of your way to show how grateful you are, of course.

At Skydive the Wasatch, we appreciate the heck out of our fun jumpers. We're way proud and way thankful for the amazing community of skydivers that calls our dropzone home. Every last one of these guys made our year by bringing all kinds of positive energy. We can't thank everybody enough!

Is Tandem Skydiving An Acceptable Risk, Or What?

» October 13, 2016

It's an unfortunate fact: your perspective on the risks involved in tandem skydiving isn't supported by science. It's influenced by the scare-happy media, and it lacks nuance. ...But that's not your fault! And you can fix it. Here's how.

Staff Profile: Pilot (And Fellow Skydiver, When He’s Not At the Helm) Todd Cook

» September 29, 2016

Our pilot, Todd Cook, happily stays in our perfectly good airplane most of the time. However--when he can hand the reins over to another capable diver-driver, Todd loves to take the fast way down.

You’re Not Going to Get Sick! (But Here’s Some Extra Security, Anyway)

» August 28, 2016

We hear this question a lot: "Am I going to get sick when I skydive?"

It's probably the power of suggestion, right? We get the feeling that most people have just happened to see some viral footage of a sour-stomached tandem passenger, and the possibility is causing a bit of unnecessary nailbiting.

Don’t Stay In The “Perfectly Good Airplane”!

» August 18, 2016

They always ask the same question, y'know.

"Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?!," they ask.

See, the thing is: We don't think that's really the right question to be asking. The best question to ask is this one: "If you stay inside the perfectly good airplane, what happens?"

Your Day at the Dropzone

» August 7, 2016

Every new experience benefits from knowing a little about what to expect. Right? Right.

So: To help make your day at Skydive the Wasatch even better, we've put together this little walk-through to familiarize you with the process and procedures. Pull up a chair and fire up your imagination, dear reader--here's a front-row seat to preview your day at our beautiful dropzone.

Waiting For Photos and Videos? Heck No. That's So 1997.

» July 21, 2016

At Skydive the Wasatch, we kinda pride ourselves on being way more in touch with technology than most dropzones out there. Nerds? Okay maybe--but here are the many reasons why our technological geekout makes your life sparklier:

How To Relax Before Your First Utah Tandem Skydiving Experience

» June 22, 2016

Coming to Skydive the Wasatch for your first tandem skydive? Hooray!

If you're nervous, you're not the first--so we've put together this list of unique-to-Skydive-the-Wasatch stress relievers. You're gonna love it here!

Meet Your Tandem Instructor: Jordan Hadfield

» May 25, 2016

Tandem Instructor Jordan Hadfield has one of the world's warmest smiles, and it comes with an incredibly thorough, professional demeanor. He's a musician, sports fan, and dedicated dad, besides! Here: let us introduce you.

Skydive the Wasatch Staff Adventures: Ferrying the Plane to North Carolina

» April 29, 2016

The season was over and another beautiful winter was on the way to the Wasatch Front. The long wait for the next skydiving season was about to begin, and we didn't want our plane--"42X"--to have to spend the cold months all alone. After the end of our second season, we decided that she should spend the winter at Piedmont Skydiving, our gorgeous sister dropzone in North Carolina. After a quick planning session, we tapped our head pilot, Joel, and our General Manager, Andrew, to do the job.

Learn to Skydive for Free at Skydive the Wasatch!

» March 7, 2016

We're proud members of the U.S. Parachute Association, so we're stoked to join the USPA in celebrating Learn to Skydive month! You're gonna love the way we're making merry: we're hosting a free first-jump training ground school class for anybody (18+)* who's interested in learning to skydive.

What's With the Pie?

» September 24, 2015

Why do skydivers get pied? Because they're awesome.

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Do a Tandem Skydive

» July 22, 2015

Not everybody is cut out for this "skydiving" stuff. Sure, we love it -- and live it, every day -- but we acknowledge that there are three good reasons you shouldn't jump with us.

18 (Uncensored) Things Your Tandem Master Wants To Tell You

» July 5, 2015

18 (Uncensored) Things Your Tandem Master Wants To Tell You About Your First Skydive

Meet Your Tandem Instructor: Brandon Booker

» June 15, 2015

Meet Your Utah Tandem Skydiving Instructor: Brandon Booker

5 Reasons You *Have* to Do a Tandem Skydive

» May 29, 2015

We may be biased, but we can count off thousands of great reasons to join us up here in the sky. There are a few that bear special mention, though. If you see yourself below, there has *got* to be a skydive in your future. You owe it to yourself!

Opening Weekend! (Woo!)

» April 16, 2015

Opening weekend might be our favorite moment of the year. Especially when the Salt Lake City winter's been a little on the grueling side, there's nothing more refreshing than an "air bath" -- and the promise of many others to come!

The Real Risks of Tandem Skydiving

» March 19, 2015

If you're nervous about making a tandem skydive, we get it. Part of the fun is the rush! Just don't be too worried about the risks. Statistically speaking, you will be fine -- and here's why.

Utah Skydiving is Boss (And Here's Why)

» March 13, 2015

Utah Skydiving is Boss (And Here's Why)

How to Do Your Research Before Tandem Skydiving (And Not Pay For It)

» March 11, 2015

No written words could possibly stand in for a solid education at the hands of a qualified skydiving instructor at a drop zone. And here's why:

The Utah Skydiving Season Is SOON!

» March 6, 2015

Hey, Utahns! If this is the year you're determined to learn how to skydive, it's time to start getting ready. The Utah skydiving season kicks in within two short little months, and Skydive the Wasatch is now offering an Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training progression that will take you from "whuffo" to confident solo skydiver in just a few amazing jumps.

Staff Profiles: Andrew Karnowski, General Manager

» January 13, 2015

Meet the Skydive the Wasatch team: Andrew Karnowski, General Manager

6 Coolest Places in the World to Skydive

» November 21, 2014

Once you get your skydiving A-license at Skydive the Wasatch, you can really run with it! Here are a few ideas of "destination" skydiving drop zones that offer an experience well beyond that of a "normal" skydive -- and video footage that'll knock your friends' socks off.

3 Burning Questions About Health, Fitness and Weight for Skydiving

» November 21, 2014

The act of throwing oneself out the door of an airplane in flight is a high-intensity adventure. The health, build and age of the body being ejected into the sky necessarily becomes an important part of the equation. If you're curious about that, you aren't the only one: we get a few questions about this kind of thing pretty much every day. Here are the best answers.

5 Ways to Get Your Friends to Skydive With You

» September 9, 2014

As you tell your friends and family that you're going skydiving, you might be in for a surprise: many will want to join you! Here's how to get your friends to join you for the ride of a lifetime.

The Best Place to Skydive in Utah is Skydive the Wasatch. Period.

» September 9, 2014

Need more reasons to come check out Skydive the Wasatch for a tandem skydiving jump? We got yer reasons right here -- and they're good ones.

Ready to Learn to Skydive? Come to Skydive the Wasatch.

» July 30, 2014

Are you ready to learn to skydive? At Skydive the Wasatch, we're ready to teach you!

What's a Skydiving Altimeter (and How Does It Work?)

» July 12, 2014

  • We use skydiving altimeters to keep ourselves (and you!) safe. Here's what they are and what they do.
OK, I Made a Tandem Skydive -- Now What?! What’s Next?

» May 19, 2014

Coming down from that first jump, sport skydiving may seem at once really doable and really far off. But you're only a couple of weeks away from being an actual-factual, card-carrying skydiver! Here's how to send it.

5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Skydiving

» May 19, 2014

"I can't skydive. I'm afraid of heights."

When we tell people we're skydivers, we hear that all the time...and we can't help thinking that those folks are cheating themselves. Seriously.

If you've found your way to this blog, you're probably seriously considering a tandem skydive. (We hope you're considering jumping with us!) If you're considering throwing over the idea over some silly sentence about how you're scared of high places, don't. That sentence is certainly one of many that keeping you from your full human potential, and you can take this opportunity to start to overcome them all.

What's the Skydiving Season in Utah?

» April 30, 2014

Utah is world-renowned for the white stuff, but it's not all about snow over here. Once the sun is out, we're all ready to get off the slopes and into the skies. For several excellent reasons, the skydiving season in Utah starts with the first warm weather. (For Skydive the Wasatch, that means April.)

First Tandem Skydive? Here’s What To Expect.

» April 1, 2014

If you've never jumped with us before, this short walkthrough will give you an idea of what to expect on your first tandem jump with Skydive the Wasatch.

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