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2015 | General

What's With the Pie?

» September 24, 2015

Why do skydivers get pied? Because they're awesome.

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Do a Tandem Skydive

» July 22, 2015

Not everybody is cut out for this "skydiving" stuff. Sure, we love it -- and live it, every day -- but we acknowledge that there are three good reasons you shouldn't jump with us.

18 (Uncensored) Things Your Tandem Master Wants To Tell You

» July 5, 2015

18 (Uncensored) Things Your Tandem Master Wants To Tell You About Your First Skydive

Meet Your Tandem Instructor: Brandon Booker

» June 15, 2015

Meet Your Utah Tandem Skydiving Instructor: Brandon Booker

5 Reasons You *Have* to Do a Tandem Skydive

» May 29, 2015

We may be biased, but we can count off thousands of great reasons to join us up here in the sky. There are a few that bear special mention, though. If you see yourself below, there has *got* to be a skydive in your future. You owe it to yourself!

Opening Weekend! (Woo!)

» April 16, 2015

Opening weekend might be our favorite moment of the year. Especially when the Salt Lake City winter's been a little on the grueling side, there's nothing more refreshing than an "air bath" -- and the promise of many others to come!

The Real Risks of Tandem Skydiving

» March 19, 2015

If you're nervous about making a tandem skydive, we get it. Part of the fun is the rush! Just don't be too worried about the risks. Statistically speaking, you will be fine -- and here's why.

Utah Skydiving is Boss (And Here's Why)

» March 13, 2015

Utah Skydiving is Boss (And Here's Why)

How to Do Your Research Before Tandem Skydiving (And Not Pay For It)

» March 11, 2015

No written words could possibly stand in for a solid education at the hands of a qualified skydiving instructor at a drop zone. And here's why:

The Utah Skydiving Season Is SOON!

» March 6, 2015

Hey, Utahns! If this is the year you're determined to learn how to skydive, it's time to start getting ready. The Utah skydiving season kicks in within two short little months, and Skydive the Wasatch is now offering an Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training progression that will take you from "whuffo" to confident solo skydiver in just a few amazing jumps.

Staff Profiles: Andrew Karnowski, General Manager

» January 13, 2015

Meet the Skydive the Wasatch team: Andrew Karnowski, General Manager

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