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6 Coolest Places in the World to Skydive

» November 21, 2014

Once you get your skydiving A-license at Skydive the Wasatch, you can really run with it! Here are a few ideas of "destination" skydiving drop zones that offer an experience well beyond that of a "normal" skydive -- and video footage that'll knock your friends' socks off.

3 Burning Questions About Health, Fitness and Weight for Skydiving

» November 21, 2014

The act of throwing oneself out the door of an airplane in flight is a high-intensity adventure. The health, build and age of the body being ejected into the sky necessarily becomes an important part of the equation. If you're curious about that, you aren't the only one: we get a few questions about this kind of thing pretty much every day. Here are the best answers.

5 Ways to Get Your Friends to Skydive With You

» September 9, 2014

As you tell your friends and family that you're going skydiving, you might be in for a surprise: many will want to join you! Here's how to get your friends to join you for the ride of a lifetime.

The Best Place to Skydive in Utah is Skydive the Wasatch. Period.

» September 9, 2014

Need more reasons to come check out Skydive the Wasatch for a tandem skydiving jump? We got yer reasons right here -- and they're good ones.

Ready to Learn to Skydive? Come to Skydive the Wasatch.

» July 30, 2014

Are you ready to learn to skydive? At Skydive the Wasatch, we're ready to teach you!

What's a Skydiving Altimeter (and How Does It Work?)

» July 12, 2014

  • We use skydiving altimeters to keep ourselves (and you!) safe. Here's what they are and what they do.
OK, I Made a Tandem Skydive -- Now What?! What’s Next?

» May 19, 2014

Coming down from that first jump, sport skydiving may seem at once really doable and really far off. But you're only a couple of weeks away from being an actual-factual, card-carrying skydiver! Here's how to send it.

5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Skydiving

» May 19, 2014

"I can't skydive. I'm afraid of heights."

When we tell people we're skydivers, we hear that all the time...and we can't help thinking that those folks are cheating themselves. Seriously.

If you've found your way to this blog, you're probably seriously considering a tandem skydive. (We hope you're considering jumping with us!) If you're considering throwing over the idea over some silly sentence about how you're scared of high places, don't. That sentence is certainly one of many that keeping you from your full human potential, and you can take this opportunity to start to overcome them all.

What's the Skydiving Season in Utah?

» April 30, 2014

Utah is world-renowned for the white stuff, but it's not all about snow over here. Once the sun is out, we're all ready to get off the slopes and into the skies. For several excellent reasons, the skydiving season in Utah starts with the first warm weather. (For Skydive the Wasatch, that means April.)

First Tandem Skydive? Here’s What To Expect.

» April 1, 2014

If you've never jumped with us before, this short walkthrough will give you an idea of what to expect on your first tandem jump with Skydive the Wasatch.

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What a rush! I was impressed by the professional but laid back atmosphere. Our jumpmasters were extremely knowledgeable and methodical with their safety checks. What a great experience. Thanks for the adrenaline!

» Gordon Shute