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All Wasatch, All the Time: Getting to Know Mountain Athlete (and Skydive the Wasatch Student!) Sully Tesch

» August 17, 2017

When we talk to Park City native Sully Tesch, it's hard to hear him--because he's in his happy place, out at a mountain crag, dodging one of the two lightning storms a day that have been chasing him around on his climbing missions. When he gets down from there, we're happy to say that this adventurer of note will continue earning his skydiving license here at Skydive the Wasatch. We've been stoked to get to know Sully, and we bet you will, too!

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First and second jump in the same day. Atmosphere was awesome, instructors made the jump not only fun but also very informative. Will be recommending to everybody I know as well as coming back to certify! Thanks for the good time!!

» Matt Gardner